Just after elaboration, vinegars contain a considerable amount of proteins and dead bacteria. The ACETI range proposes ACETIGEL in combination with ACETISOL to clarify your vinegar and thus, facilitate filtration. In addition, ACETIGREEN, an allergen-free plant based fining agent, can fine your vinegars without the use of gelatin.


Specially activated montmorillonite
Fining of vinegar with high amount of proteins.
Treatment before filtration.


Plant proteins.
Red wine, white wine and cider vinegar clarification.
Pea protein based fining agent.


Colloidal silica sol.
Clarification of difficult wine vinegars.


Liquid gelatin for white or red wine vinegars in combination with ACETISOL with white wine vinegars.


Soluble casein.
Removes oxidized and oxidizable polyphenolic compounds.

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